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Sohag University International Journal of Educational Research (SUIJER) is a scholarly, peer-refereed journal published by Sohag University, Faculty of Education. This journal welcomes locally- and globally-oriented original and unpublished research covering all areas of foreign language teaching and learning (including syllabus, materials design, methodology, testing, teaching English for specific purposes, discourse analysis, methods of teaching translation, etc.), with special attention to topics focusing on issues and problems in TEFL.

Current Issue: Volume 9, Issue 9, January 2024, Pages 1-489 

L'activité de performance théâtrale et le développement des compétences d'expression orale

Pages 103-191

Nehal Zain El-Abedine Abd-el-Kader; Hussein Taha Atta; Hala Ahmed Abdel Satar

Teachers' perceptions of the obstacles of virtual classrooms in the education of students with special needs

Pages 221-239

Imad Ahmed Musa Al-Maraziq; Randa Moussa Abdalrahman Momani; Mahmoud Ahmed Hussien Humaidat; amal matlab salman Alsabeelah